Line Games

line games
Make a set of line cards by using a bold marker on blank index cards.



Play a line game

Choose a line card.
Use the card to search for lines in both natural and built environments.


Line Collage

We use and discard valuable line collage items every day! Start collecting linear materials such as yarn, string, thick rubber bands, straws, ribbons, etc. and cut them into useable pieces.


  1. Choose five objects
  2. Arrange
  3. Make some “lines” touch
  4. Try a different arrangement
  5. Glue your favorite arrangement
  6. When the glue dries, paint the shapes between the lines.

Line Collage Stuff

As the collection grows, encourage careful looking and handling. Display representative items in an attractive way so that they are easier to see.


Experiment with different arrangements

Arrange 4  Arrange 5  Arrange 6

Demonstrate drawing lines with the glue to attach linear forms.


Demonstrate holding the glue bottle so that it touches the paper. Move it so that it makes the appropriate kind of line. Place linear forms into the glue.

Musical Lines

Drawing to music motivates even reluctant artists to draw and explore basic lines. It is a pleasurable experience since well-chosen music almost propels a variety of movements.


  1. Listen to the music. Listen for high and low sounds, fast and slow, and repeating sounds. Move your arm as if you were the conductor leading each instrument. (Demonstrate and have others try this along with you. Draw a few lines to show the process.
  2. Choose a drawing tool and let the music move your arm.
  3. Stop when the music stops and switch colors.


music1  music2

Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite, OP71a – Philadelphia Orchestra (1985) courtesy of the Sony Corp.